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Friday, August 2, 2013

Ten Recent Things That Give Me Pause… Make Me Ask WTF…(?) Or Just Cause Me To Ponder…

One: How three people from my childhood all just died within a week of each other. WTH???

Two: How certain laws are so deviously designed to keep large segments of this population down... permanently.

Three: How it always falls to us to keep those tedious folks who procrastinate— honest and to remind them to live up to their word.

Four: How some friends take these extended sabbaticals and then you never hear from them again.

Five. How doing someone a favor, being in someone’s corner, or a constant source of support doesn’t necessarily manifest in any form of reciprocation.

Six: How several years of making a concerted effort can render absolutely no positive result.

Seven: How people can deny and lie continuously and somehow arrogantly believe they won’t be discovered. Right, A-Rod?

Eight: How willpower isn’t a sometime concept, but a perpetual muscle to be tested and flexed incessantly.

Nine: How people have taken and perhaps always will take kindness for weakness, and how loyalty seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur, the Edsel… and good ole B&W TV.

Ten: How snatching JOY becomes very much necessary, because the bastards and mofos of this world will always try their level best to steal your JOY away from you (& yo quasi-happy azz).

Just sayin’, yo.



Anonymous said...


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

1 absolutely no words...
7 Wholeheartedly agree
8 my fav
9 ... Yep, pretty much a thing of the past for most
10...Standing Ovation :-)


♥ CG ♥ said...

I feel ya on these thoughts, Lin. Every last one. I tell ya, it seems like many of us are questioning some of the things we've either dealt with for a lifetime (and are now fatigued from) or how wacky life haps can be.

Still snatching JOY on the daily ;-)

Val said...

07. Lin, do you think A-Rod has been using steroids for his entire career or at least most of it? I'm wondering if he a complete fraud.

10. I agree that you have to "Snatch Joy". The world we live in actively tries to take your joy so one must work hard to have any.

Enjoy your weekend, Lin!

Reggie said...

This is true!!!

The Yankees fan in me is thoroughly disgusted at A-Fraud.

Moanerplicity said...



Moanerplicity said...

@ China:

Thanks for the co-sign, my friend. :-)


Moanerplicity said...


Yes indeed. "Fatigued" would definitely be the correct, exact & operative word.


Moanerplicity said...

@ Val:

Yes. I do honestly believe he's been doping his blood throughout most of his career & many probably KNEW it.

Natural Talent + Growth Hormone = Superstar Athletes.

The shame of it, beyond the lies, out right deception & the black-eye on the sport of baseball... is that A-Rod will still walk away w/ 10s of MILLIONS... so where's the Teachable Moment for the upcoming generation of athletes??



Moanerplicity said...

@ Reggie:

Agreed, bruh. See the above reply to Val.


Queen of My Castle said...

Number 5 has been a constant in my thoughts lately, especially when it comes to family.

Number 8 is so on point. It can be a daily struggle.

Number 9, well...loyalty has also gone the way of finding genuine people that dare to keep things 100 and able to accept the same in return. I am so loving this one. This post reminds me of The Roots' song Clock with no Hands

Moanerplicity said...


Yes... it's even worst when family members disappear unexpectedly on us.

Indeed. Willpower & struggle are often synonymous.

re loyalty: You hit it right on the left nostril! Finding those rare folks who keep it 100 can sometimes be as unlikely as hitting the lottery.

Love The Roots. Just Googled the lyrics to that jam. Very digable cut.

Thanks for commenting.


Mizrepresent said...

Hey Brother Pen, always feel honored reading one of your posts and this one rang so true. #10 my favorite, manifesting Joy, snatching Joy, every single day.

Moanerplicity said...

@ Miz:

Greetings Sis Pen:

Very good to know that you are experiencing real JOY in your life.

That fact alone makes me smile. ;-D

Keep snatchin'!


BigmacInPittsburgh said...

After reading this post the only thing I can think of is life is a b**** and then

Moanerplicity said...

@ Mac:

Recently, I saw a bumper sticker which read:


MY answer is: Only if WE ALLOW some bitch to fug it up!

Personally, I refuse.


Babz Rawls Ivy said...

Indeed. Well said.

Moanerplicity said...

@ Babz:




Tia's Real Talk said...

One- At that moment, it was time to reflect and thank God that you are still here among living.

Six- There's always some positive or a reward for continuously doing the right. its probably just not coming in the way that you think it should. The only time there is no reward or not much positivity is when you are doing the right things for all of the wrong reasons. Must Have a Pure Heart.

Take care.... I have enjoyed this as I always do.

Moanerplicity said...

@ Tia:

Greetings, my friend...

re: One- that's exactly what I've always chosen to do... knowing that every day lived ABOVE ground is a gift & a Blessing.

Six-- there are some things, no matter how sincere our efforts or earnest our intents, that we have absolutely NO control over, as far as their outcome. It's usually during those times when it's best to just let go & simply let God.

Thanks for rolling thru, Tia.

Snatch JOY!