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Sunday, January 15, 2012

*In Honor of Dr. King: The Marcher's Poem


I marched
My Freedom was
A bastardized entity.

I marched because...
A contemptuous America
Made a slaughter of
My dignity.

We marched because
Our flesh
Had become
The food of rabid beasts.

I marched because
Men, with my skin
Hung from nooses…
Strung on poplar trees.


We marched because
Injustice had become
The common rule…
We marched because
The Constitution
Had run out of

I marched
Because the klan carried
Crooked crosses.
I marched
Because this country stood by
As we counted
Our losses.

I marched
Because my weary soul
Ached for the balm of
Righteous. I marched because
The swift boot of
Cruelty kept
Trampling upon
My spirit.

I marched because
A King Whispered softly…
And my distressed
Humanity could
Hear it.


I marched because
My skin, my pride,
My worthiness was
Shunned. And I marched because
A Change
Sure enough
Had to come!


I marched because
A man named
Martin realigned my spine…
I marched because
Dr. King re-ignited
My flame…
I marched
For me and
My ancestors,
In Freedom's name.


We marched
And our bodies sustained
The cruel jets
Of fire hoses.
We marched
Against uniformed
Racist minds in blue
Swinging fists and billy clubs
Their pitched and
Furious voices
Screaming: "Niggers! Get back!"

And still we marched
In the face of
Church bombings
And vicious attacks.

And so,
We marched, our army
Growing stronger, because
Leading us was “Drum
Major for Peace!”


We marched because
The dictates of
Told us to reclaim
Our dignity...


And so… we marched
Until there were holes
In our soles and blood
In our shoes
But a Prize lay
Inside my eyes...
Because of YOU!

And today, we honor
This quietly fiery
Magnificence of You!
And today, Dr. King,
We All Stand
Because of You.
And today we
Celebrate Your Unwavering
And today with Universal
Pride and Undying
Respect… We say:



One Love.