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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just in Case The Universe Is Listening…

Dear Universe,

How You doin'? You aiight? I hope so. It's Your boi, Lin. You know that cat with all these dreams in his head and longing desires deep in the recesses of his heart and spirit that he *never* tells to anyone? Yeah, that Lin.

Well lately, I've been thinking-- pondering really-- that if we are truly to be on good terms, then perhaps I should speak to You more... tell You what's on my mind, reveal a few of my deepest desires. Actually, this is my attempt at a mini-quasi-prayer session, where I talk, and hopefully... just maybe, You'll listen.

Below are some things I would very much like to see come into my Life.

My Metaphoric Desires:

*"I want to go where the wild geese go.

I want to know what the falcon knows.

I want the sky up over my head.

I want to live until I’m dead."

My Artistic Desires:

I want to realize and manifest my most enduring masterpiece: to live a life of Meaning.

I want to write like no one else, but me.

I want to pen an opus that speaks to and for the human condition.

I want to be artful, and for Art to be my mission.

My Hedonistic Desires:

I want to live out of a suitcase, in Paris.

I want to wear a natty beret, and take copious notes inside some small café.

I want to live and love and dance and sex and live and love and dance and sex.

I want to send my company home, write deep into the indigo hours, and then to sleep, the sleep of accomplishment all day long.

My Beauty Pageant Desires:

I want world peace and unity, now-- dammit!

I want for there to never be hunger in any part of the world again.

I want every man to realize this own humanity, and to appreciate that same quality in his fellow man.

I want every child on the planet to be safe, and happy, and disease-free.

My Selfish Desires:

I want to go on an escavation to all the ancient places within me.

I want every song I ever loved easily accessible to me.

I want to possess every book and manuscript ever placed on my wish list.

I want at least one famous friend who thinks I’m truly “brilliant.”

I want my first book made into a movie with my illustrious dream cast emoting in it.

I want to laugh and cough in the face of every editor/editrix who ever chose to rape my words and sentiments.

I want to be comfortably rich and successful within the deepest regions of my soul.

I want to be known and respected for my gift, and yet remain paparazzi-free.

I want that dream of my grandmother’s prophesy for me to become a wonderful reality.

I want to make sweet Mrs. Ferreri (my 1st grade teacher) be mad proud of me.

I want the astute Mrs. Lang (my high school English teacher) to have been right about me.

I want “The Next One” to be the Best One, and The Blessed One.

I want to buy my beloved mom a modest colonial home in Virginia.

I want a better home, a flyer wardrobe, and finer art on my walls.

I want to throw a huge NY party for all my friends and thank them for their unceasing love.

I want a certain well-loved face to be right beside me throughout my journey.

I want my last play produced on Broadway, and a fabulously memorable opening night.

I want the homeless cat down the street to have and lead a better life.

I want the ease and ability to pay off the bills of all the people I love.

I want a grand piano, topped by a mess of photographs, each with a sepia glow.

I want to compose the perfect sentence, perfect poem, the perfect torch song.

I want to hitch a camel ride somewhere out of mind.

I want to sit with the Maharishi at the foot of the Himalayas, and ohmmmmmmm... from deep within my solar plexus.

I want Heaven to truly exist for all people I love and miss; I need to believe they are there.

I want my spirit to breathe free and my eyes to be wide-open on this journey of self-discovery.

I want to be healthy

And wise

And well…

Always interesting

And interested.

*See, 'I wanna go where the wild geese go.

I wanna know what the falcon knows.’

I want to paint my most enduring masterpiece.

I want to write like no one else on this planet, but me.

Peace-out, Universe. Thanks for listening.

Again, this be Your boi, Lin. Aiight?


•*Partial lyrics to the song “Right On, Be Free” by The Voices of East Harlem


WynnSong said...

Faith is the Essence of Things Unseen, Hope is when we Never Stop Dreaming and Life is the Good and the Bad and those Unexpected Treasures we find a long the Way. May you always be filled with the Faith and Hope and Live the Life like No Other because My Friend, You are truly one of those Unique and Unexpected Treasures.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

you can have all these things...

Lovebabz said...

The Universe is listening...since before time began.

Be ready so you don't have to get ready.

Val said...

"I want to live out of a suitcase, in Paris."

Me too!!!!!

Wizardress said...

My dear, dear friend. This made me smile and I personally believe that this and more than you can dream will come to you.

I expect to be on the invite list on that NY bash, plus of course- when you're hangin' in Paree, I'll meet you there and we can ponder life together.

Love you my friend- and I may not be famous, but I do think you're brilliant.


Mizrepresent said...

Beautifully Brilliant, spoken like a true dreamer, now continue to be an avid believer. Thanks for whisking me away...again, it was a delightful trip.

thegayte-keeper said...

The universe is listening...

Felicia Monique said...

I love how you think, what you wish for, what you desire, and how you put words together.

"I want to be known and respected for my gift, and yet remain paparazzi-free."

Yes!! The last line of my byline reads: "She dreams of being discovered without the pressures of fame."

Moanerplicity said...

Hey My Wiz-Woman:

It's a date! You bring the nana pudin', ok? (smiles)




Jason said...

My dude! Words can't describe how dope this is. I love how you express yourself...Salute!

What you know about The Voices of East Harlem? LOL "Giving Love" is in constant rotation on my Ipod.

Moanerplicity said...

Yo! Jason, AKA Old R & B Soul:

The Voices of East Harlem were very much a part of the soundtrack of my youth. Check out "Just Got To Be Myself" if you can. It's haunting in its realness! Just as meaningful in the 70s as it is in 2010 & beyond!


nachalooman said...

My beautiful brother, the Universe hears... you have already tasted the beauty of those desires in the reality of your dreams.
Anna Renee

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Hey Lin! I know this is deeply personal, but please allow me to say thanks! Thanks for sharing those elements of life most important to you (and many of us, actually). I believe in the power of words and expression as a means of manifestation, so this post reminded me that I haven't made declarations over my life in quite a while and really need to...desperately. May your heart's desires be realized at levels even higher than you imagined.

P.S. You're banned from commenting on my posts! Just kidding of course. Your insight on my last post was on point and pinched (maybe even smacked) my heart back to pliancy. I was struggling so I appreciate your wake up call. Much love!

Chet said...

One with the Universe. Be advised that your desires shall be fulfilled, the Universe hears your cry.

Reggie said...

Nice post.

D-Place said...

Lin, I know that everyone that made comment on this post believes that the Universe is listening to you and all of your desires will be fulfilled as do I. However, you must believe as well that they will and let the universe do it's work. Using a much over-used are awesome!

Thanks for the Bday wish 8-11. :-)

Daij said...

Loving this blog entry!

Solomon said...

Yes, the Universe is listening!