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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poem For The Marchers~ By L.M. Ross


I marched
My Freedom was
A bastardized entity.

A contemptuous America
Made a slaughter of
My dignity.
I marched because
My flesh
Had become
The food of rabid beasts.
I marched because
Men who looked
Like me
Hung on nooses…
Strung from poplar trees.


I marched because
Injustice had become
The rule…
And I marched because
The Constitution
Had run out of

I marched
Because the klan carried
Crooked crosses,
And this country stood by
As we counted
Our losses.

I marched
Because my weary soul
Ached for the balm of
Righteous. I marched because
The swift boot of
Cruelty kept
Trampling upon
My spirit.

I marched because
A King
Whispered softly…
And my distressed
Humanity could
Hear it.


I marched because
My worthiness was
Shunned. I marched because
A Change
Had to come.

I marched because
A man named
Martin came to
Realign my spine,
And re-ignited
My flame…
And I marched
For me, and
My ancestors,
In Freedom's name.


I marched
And my flame
Sustained the jets
Of water hoses.
I marched
Against the fury of
Those voices
Screaming "NO!"

I marched and
I marched, because
The dictates of
Told me so…

Happy Birthday Dr. King... because of YOU, the flame grows Taller!

Snatch JOY with Freedom's Grip!

** It seems that mere days before Barack Obama takes the office of President of United States, a part of the dream for freedom and equality has finally been realized. Somewhere, I just know Martin must be smiling.

One Love.


Marvin D. Wilson said...

Felt things turning over and churning in my soul when I read this. So many powerful memories. Marching on Washington. the moratorium against the Vietnam war. Dating my first black girl. Going with her to a Black Panther's meeting on campus and getting thumped and thrown out as just another typical white rapist of one of their sisters. So much misunderstanding going on back then. Still today, way too much misunderstanding.

Obama? I HOPE, I PRAY he can hold a candle up to the great King. He's gotta show me something I haven't seen yet. the ability to be his own man. Not OWNED by the people who got him in office, and not president just because almost every black person in America voted for him only because of his skin color. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of a black president. But is HE they guy to make all African Americans and in fact ALL Americans proud to have come all this way from enslaving Africans to now having a descendant of an enslaved race become our president?

Hope so. He fucks it up, and everything gets worse.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh yeah, great piece! I was listening to Martin's speech, well several today, and realized again what a great man and prophet we had in him, so much of what he had to say then still resonates today! I am so proud to be apart of this history in the making.

MysTery said...

Beautiful!!!! Happy New Year sir!!

Lovebabz said...

Stunningly BEAUTIFUL!

Hope you don't mind if I frame this....

The effect is very well done. You are connected to waves...water..movement....Yes?

D-Place said...

Outstanding! While I read this Sacred was playing on your blog.

Lovebabz said...

Thought you might be interested in this....

KAMAI said...

simply lovely, kiddo.
your poetry is consistently amazing. ♥

maaga..... said...

oh man this was powerful!!! much so i read it twice. what inspiration your voice lends...and what imagery, man..

don't stop.

RachelW said...

I love this one. So glad to have found your blog.