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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Few "Sacred" Thoughts

One of the most talented and egregiously slept-on artists around is the lovely and profound Ms. Amel Larrieux. I dig most everything this beautiful sister has done over the course of the last decade or so. However, lately, I’ve been revisiting, what is, in my humble opinion, her most brilliant opus, the CD entitled ‘Bravebird.’ In particular, I’ve contemplated the meaning, the thought, the sound and vision in a song she did called “Sacred”.

The thing is, it’s one of those pieces of music that defines ART, because it makes me go all internal. It causes me to question the things I hold Truly Sacred. Here, I mean Sacred with a CAPITAL “S.”

Not to get all gushy-gooey sentimental, yet it occurs to me that some people don’t really hold very much Sacred anymore.

Yet, we've witnessed lives, homes, material possessions so quickly taken away in a blink of an eye, or in a hurricane’s destructive wind. Knowing that nothing is promised, and all things have a shelf-life, it’s best not to place too much emotional investment in something that doesn't contain a pulse, breath or a heartbeat.

But some people and some ideas and some internal qualities remain Sacred to me.

My family and my quirky and closest friends are Sacred to me.

Those who say they LOVE me, and who mean it with every fiber of their being, they are Sacred to me.

My ability to stretch and bend and see beyond my finite limitations... this is Sacred to me.

The memory of those I’ve loved and lost and who have left behind tender moments and lessons in their wake, this is forever Sacred to me.

Waking up each day without some horrible pain or chronic limitation, just waking up and breathing, this is Sacred to me.

The sound of music which uplifts my spirit, calms my rage, possesses the ability to hold my soul tethered to a most excellent note, this is Sacred to me.

The joy inherent within a child’s laughter, the assurance of their well-being, and the sensitivity inside their tears, this is Sacred to me.

The gift of creativity and the ability to muster strength in times of stress, this is Sacred to me.

Love of any kind that is enduring and true, and real and tangible, this is so damn Sacred to me.

Anyway... if you read this entry, and come up empty, vacant of anything you hold Sacred… then, whoever you are, and wherever you are, I’ll feel sorry for you.



Green said...

I have the CD!!!!
Love it...

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Feel not sorry for me, brother. Much is held sacred by me. My rice bowl runneth over.

Great post - truly we do not as a people, as a society anymore, take the time to consider blessings and hold them sacred.

Awesome music too, by a sacredly beautiful woman and talent!

Jimmy said...

Great post,

Made me think about how good I really have it.

Lovebabz said...

Loved this music. I must confess she does slip through my thoughts...I seem to choose others over her...but when I listen to her I realize she is so underrated!

The ordinary is me.

KAMAI said...

beautiful post, as always, yer blueness. :)
i agree w/you. though i would add that, from my experience, the more miserable of us humanoids have a STRONG sense of the sacred. those as have lost such things or never had them; hold them all the more closely and precious.

QH said...

I've just added Amel's "Trouble" to my recent mixlist, I own all her LPs, she is quite a talent.

On the tip you were talking about, there are too many things I could list that are sacred to me. One is the feeling of being warm, safe, and truly loved by those who are in my corner for the long haul.

Reading my comics books, my music and what is does to my spirit and the way it makes me create.

And natural light. All sacred.

Nice post.-QH

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

How true, Lin. I think that we've lost that as a country, one of the many reasons everything's going downhill. Thanks for the enlightenment, as always.

P.S. Sending a big ol' virtual birthday hug your way :)!

maaga..... said...

your last few words were the most powerful to me in this entire's those little things that connects us across the seas and planes...the thought that there might be those who have nothing to hold sacred is just sad...thanks for stirring up my emotional soup..:)