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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ask Me Who I Be

If you ask me
Who I am
I will tell you who
I be...

Before sex
Before color
Before complex
Theology... I be
Simply this

A Poet.

A poet, I say
And molded from
The Creator’s
To feel
And process
To write and
To say
And narrate
This makeshift

A Poet
With pen inclined to
My truth

A poet
With lips poised
To spit
Soliloquies of
Beautifulness and
Ugliness, too...

You ask me
Who I be
And I will tell you:

A poet
And simply this.

No heroic
Posturing of
A stoic
Human being-ness...
But so divinely
It’s hurts
Just to exist.

To see
With eyes
To whisper
To scream
To cry
To bitch
To unleash
This makeshift


It lives in me
In you
In us...
It crouches
It folds
It bends
It thrusts

It speaks
It lusts
It hollers
And sometimes it

It bounds
It leaps beyond
The surface
And goes down

Ask me who
I be... and I will
Tell you

I be this
Of tears
And screams,
Fire and
No more
And no less than
Simply this:

A Poet!



Keith said...

Bravo...Bravo...Bravo My brother...I really dig your lyrical style of writing and your blog as well. I think this is my second time on your blog..I always enjoy what I read and the great music too.

D-Place said...

Love it. Love the artwork as well!!

Mizrepresent said...

Ah are the best kind of poet...and where would we be without poets who speak the truth, who speak from their make the world so much more colorful!

WhozHe said...

It goes down Soul-deep indeed. Well done, well written.

Lovebabz said...


And thank you for the kind comment over at my blog. I appreciated the thoughtfulness of just the right thing to say.

I am not gone. But I am not fully back either. I like the connection to my blog fam so I am reposting things from last year.

I will get my sea legs back!

Again thank you for extending yourself to a stranger.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

You went beyond the surface presented to the world day in and day out to touch the esscence of the soul. People almost always judge on appearance. Folks are summed up by their appearance. Few are willing to look deeper to discover the real beyond...I think most of us are crushed sometimes by the other person's idea of who we are in truth.

You made me think and touched my core. Thank you.

QH said...

Hey, thanks SO much for your comment on my piece. I've got more Supremes work coming up, and stuff already posted.

Intriguing poem, it penetrated my mind. Drop me an e-mail at QHBLEND85@LIVE.COM. Adding you to the blogroll now.-QH

Anonymous said...

Cool word choices...very.
Flows like pure fire from your soul.
So nice.

rebecca said...

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All's right with the world!

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