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Monday, February 13, 2012

If Only You Had a Vision And Someone Had Listened: For Michael And Whitney...

Sometimes, you don’t have to be a fortune teller, a psychic or even clairvoyant to see into the future.

Sometimes, if you just live long enough, you can see the destiny of others unfold before your eyes.

Sometimes, you’d rather not know any details of that destiny, because it isn’t always so pretty.

Sometimes, you come to know things, only GOD should know, like what will happen, to whom it will happen, and when

Sometimes, if you live long enough, you see the warmth of youthful smiles turn older, colder, as the glory days come, go, and slowly burn away from the heat of a million suns.

Sometimes, it hurts to see, to watch, to grieve, to experience Life’s twists and turns and such sadness manifest from an impotent distance…

If only you had a vision, and someone would have listened. If only you had a vision and someone would have listened. If only… if only you could have said:

I’ve seen this movie already. Trust me. It doesn’t have a happy ending.”

Who would have listened? Who would have believed it?


Michael: “Smile! The future’s so bright, we’ll BOTH have to wear Wayfarer shades, Whit!”

Damn. Just damn. I just caught a chill. Did you?



Val said...

These two were going 100 miles per hour, they saw the curve but couldn't or wouldn't slow down.

I'm still in shock about Whitney.

Anna Renee said...

When we idolize mere humans who are carriers of God's gift to us, we destroy them, if they love us. Our idolatry looks like love to them, and they try to reciprocate with their gifts. We drain them dry. Drugs are an illusion of strength, and the evil one seduces them to partake. They fall victim and take the drugs, alcohol, sex or whatever. Then we villainize them for being weak.
We devour the stewards of God's gifts to us. We should praise God alone for the gift of Michael or Whitney, and enjoy their gift, but never idolize them. They are chosen VESSELS of the Gift, and are not gods. We should NEVER idolize the vessel, but the Giver of the gift that is being held in the human vessel.

WynnSong said...

If Only...........

thegayte-keeper said...


Moanerplicity said...

@ Val. Thanks for your input. I don't know if superstardom or mad fame allows one much time, contemplation, self-analysis or to remember just how fragile one's own life can be. Quite often, the ego has imbided too much of that damned Kool Aide.


Moanerplicity said...

@Anna Renee:

That's a very good point. Sadly, that's something we as fans & admirers have to learn in our journey. We don't often SEE the God in others, or give HIM all due praise when someone very beautiful or very famous does their god or goddess routine before our eyes.

The only time we even allow for God or His Glory is usually when someone is SANGIN' gospel so powerfully, so fiercely, or w/ such inspired reverie that we can close our eyes & FEEL God is the room.

Whitney sometimes manifested that ability. When she made a joyful noise & lifted up God's name, it was a thing of intensely raptuous beauty. Whereas MJ's brilliance sometimes made you believe in wizards & magic. It wasn't really a HOLY experience, though, sometimes, when he was really, REALLY GOOD, something w/in his physical performance could be almost Sacred.

My point is, we, the watchers, don't make that God connection, and maybe if we did, the performers we admired for their gifts would be reminded of their personal smallness, their utter humanness, & not be tricked into believing they alone can walk on water or dance along the edge (net-free) w/out the often deadly consequences.


Lovebabz said...

You know, I cannot examine her life. I cannot and will not speculate on her motivations or anyone else. I have my hands full discerning the choices I make everyday. And believe me, some of my daily choices are just wrong and some of them are brilliant.

It is so easy to quarter-back someone else' life. Imagine if we stood under the hot lights of fame could we withstand? I know folks who are holding grudges right now against family members. I know folks who are not caring or faithful to their spouses. I know folks who get high and drink too much. I know people, you know people. We are called I believe to love as best as we can.

I am not sure I idolized her, but I can say I wanted her to be better than me. I wanted her to be my shinning light. There is no responsibility on my part for loving her from afar. We all did that. And so when she fell we all gasped and turned away and talked about her. She was ours. She is ours!

The message and lesson is, we must meet people with love, grace and compassion. She deserved our forgiveness. She deserved our respect. We all walk the earth undeservedly. We all benefit from undeserved blessings and undeserved grace.

Moanerplicity said...

Hey Lovebabz:

That was deep, and very well thought out. I hope I'm not seen as one of those people who judges others, unfairly. I'm certainly not without my own foibles, faults, fuck ups and issues which I contend with on a daily basis.

I think we, as Anna pointed out, tend to worship the gifts of the gifted. We make idols of them instead of the bestower of those gifts (God), and thus, we hem up those supremely talented & place them so high upon pedestals... when in truth, it's not fair to them, and they can't handle the height. Our expectations weigh entirely too much upon their all-too-human shoulders. So when they tumble, subconsciously, we tumble with them, our hopes, our dreams get dashed and trambled along with them.

Shame on us for forcing our foolish expectations upon others! Shame on us for worshipping at the feet of demigods and goddesses, instead of The All Mighty Father!

The reality is, no matter who someone is, when they die, suddenly, unexpectedly, the shocked and saddened survivors will wonder what IF, or ponder why didn't we see that coming, and thus, attempt to STOP it from happening.

The answer is because: we're not Supermen or Superwomen or God!

Life happens. People have freewill. Destiny, whether good or bad, brilliant or tragic, is written right before us.

That was the basis and the impetus of this blog entry: The troubling sadness of What If...

Thanks for your voice on this subject.


Chet said...

My brotha, you spoke the truth. I agree one doesn't have to be psychic or otherwise to be able to see that it won't be long before someone meets their demise. Life lessons and history teaches us well.

Lovebabz said...

My Brother,

Oh dear i was not suggesting you were judging. I was just referencing my own short comings. I have judged her and many others. I was wrong then and I hope not to be in judgement of anyone moving forward.

I love the way you round things out for me.