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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A New Word I'd Like To Introduce Into The Venacular

Working in a bar you meet all kinds of people. I dig people. I’m a people person. But some people cause me to ponder.

Picture this:

You meet someone, whether in real life or online, and you initially find them kinda intriguing. You don’t know why exactly. They are not your usual type. They may be off-the-wall, slightly offbeat, or just OFF. They might even be a little shady. But on the personal tip, you have always prided yourself on having a very LOW stankosity quotient. You're that sort of person who can get along with most anyone (at least until they give you a reason NOT to). This is just the way you roll. You try not to judge people. So if someone steps to you, you don't put up the sign of the cross if they happen to have bad skin, bad teeth, missing teeth, or a single rotten toofus… You are able to overlook the bad grammar, a bad odor, or a little whiff of danger. They might come off a little too shrill… a little ill, but still there’s this dirty little thrill about them.

They entertain and they amuse you. In your own private way, you actually kinda like them, and almost admire their swagger and sway. But you’re not exactly falling in dig with them.

Anyway... They leave you their number, but you know you’ll never call them. Yet, there’s some strange thing that's almost, but not quite appealing about them.

Maybe they provide good convo. Maybe they make you laugh in spite of yourself. Maybe they possess an esoteric kinda charm thing, or perhaps a certain strain of edginess.

No. They are not drop-dead gorgeous, or whip-smart, and not particularly your cup of hot java. Still… you find them interesting… Interesting, yes… BUT maybe just a little stank.

And sometimes you find yourself wondering: hmmmmmm… what up with those people… those interesting, yet slightly stank people?

Interestanks I calls em.

I’m sure you must know a few interestanks, right?




Marvin D. Wilson said...

Skankosity quotient? LOL - lovin it. and yes, I've known MANY an interestank. Dated a few back in the day. got in trouble with a couple others as well.

Cool post. Like your style. Be back fo sho.

You'd probably like my post tomorrow on Free Spirit. "I Love Prostitutes."

Mizrepresent said...

lol, don't we all know a few "intereststanks"! I know i do!

maaga..... said...

i guess my only worry would be whether i'm seen as a "sk*nk" by my peers...

..or should i care? hmmm, full of 'ponderation'..

your style is different..
..i dig.


Kin'shar said...

Aw hell naw man.....We I meet someone the first thing I look at is "his" lips...If they aint right..neither is he.

* Sorry , but I porbably passed up some good men because of that

take care

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Great comment and poem on Free Spirit today, ONE. I can already tell you are my kind of human being. Hey two questions. 1. May I add your blog to my Free Spirit blog roll? and
2. Could I have your permission to print that poem in my upcoming book, an anthology of the best of Free Spirit Blog, titled, "Between the Storm and the Rainbow." I would of course give credits and copyright notice to you.

email me at:

Lovebabz said...

HHmm I am not sure about this one. perhpas in my formative years...early 20's. But certainly not now...

I like swagger, a little edginess...but stank...not.

What bar are you at or do you not disclose...LOL! Oh I am not trying to be ahem flirt?...Mack?... whatever I am not trying to do that. But I do get to NYC? on occassion and would love to sit at a bar knowing the bartender!

Email me the name and where. My NYC friends and I may just pop in!

D-Place said...

yep stay away from the interestanks!!!

fairchylde said...

I LOVE INTERESTANKS :) and really, what's the spark? Usually that they are them unabashedly...