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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

After We Fuck (Recitation From my One- Act Play)

After we spark

After we talk

After we kiss…

After we touch

After that fit of

Magic happens between

Us... After we descend

Like slow and falling

Stars… After

Stripped virtues

Quickly depart

After the stardust

After the rush

After we bust

That final nut…

After our bellies

Fill with

Mild disgust

After the silence

What'll become of


After we've moaned

And groaned our

Frenetic groans...

Shivered in rivers

Then made excuses

To head home

After we've fucked

In the absence of lust

After night sucks passion

Like a Hoover Deluxe

Will what happened

To them

Ever happen to


After we fuck...

After we've fucked?

After we've howled

After we've screamed

After we've exchanged

These bodily fluids

After we’ve hummed

And come…

And made shit and dust

Of a Sacred Moment

Will tomorrow be implied

Inside this silent kiss

Or will tomorrow be…

Just another muscular


After the suck

After the ride

After the fuck

After the lies

After we've kissed

After we've touched

After we've descended

After we've fucked?

After we


That final nut…

After our bellies

Fill with mild



The Hoover night has

Sucked passion up…

Will what happened to

Those others

Ever happen to us…

After we’ve fucked?



Lovebabz said...


I am speechless...

CurvyGurl said...

Yikes, One! Sadly, this sums up most of my encounters. Thought-provoking...

joaquin carvel said...

the things we think but never say - you just said.

this kicks ass.

Scott Ennis said...

Very cool. Made me a little uncomfortable. I like that.