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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Personal Soundtrack

There oughta be

A soundtrack to

My life. A rhythm…

A rhythm,

To my walk

Like Shaft's...

A cat-like grace,

Choreographed, by


There oughta be some


Pounding some

Urgent drums sounding

The long drawn

Song of my

Discontent. There oughta be some

Sad sexy

Saxophone thrown in

For tender moments…

Some strings

Played and serenades

Made to commemorate

Those Blue Moods, too…

Even if no one

Ever sees my movie

There oughta be

A soundtrack

To my life…

A discordant set played to

The complex maze,

A cadence to this

Strut of Independence…

If this day be my


My freak dance,

My opus,

Let the pace of

A Hip-hop beat

Speed thru my progress…

Let the guitar's wah-wah play

Me cool and


Let my lyrics be

Sweetened by

A ménage of flutes

And a mad marathon of


And let my adversities

Be accompanied by

Something like a


And let my adversities

Be accompanied by

Something like a


See, there oughta be

A soundtrack

Some mean-ass brass,

A ballsy high-hat…

And a crazy

Cry… of tenor sax

To accent it all.

Even if no one

Ever sees

My movie

There oughta be

Some music,

Some attempt at harmony

And some chords played

Finally, finally right…

To accompany … this

Riff, this flight,

This trip-hop scat bop


Jazz flop

I call

My Life.


By L. M. Ross


Supreme Being said...

Hi... I love your writing... I've been stalking your blog for a long while... So, I'm honored that someone of your caliber visited my little blog... Thank you for complimenting me... And actually, my blog is nonfiction... Sad, but true... I wanted to write down my experiences... hopefully one day I can turn it into a novel...

Mizrepresent said...

Snap - Snap, beautiful...i luv it!

BronzeBuckaroo said...

That was really good. It made me think of Langston Hughes whose funeral service was done to the tune of the music he listened to and the life he lived. Jazz, blues, and poetry--his personal soundtrack. It is what I want!

MysTery said...

Niiice! I like! :)

jade said...

beautiful. it read like a blue note recording. the rhythm, the flow, the cadence...

made me wonder what my soundtrack would sound like.

joaquin carvel said...

ironic, this wish, since you add so much to the rich and varied soundtracks of (lucky) us, on whose ears your rhythms fall.

brass or beat, string or reed – play on, friend, play on…