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Friday, May 31, 2013

About Walls. . .

There were barricades as tall as The Great Wall of China and they extended across our community. Few knew that these walls would veil our deepest secrets; or that they shaded and protected our most primal selves. Yet, most times they did; they shielded our imperfections and never exposed us for the frauds that we were.

Walls… what are they really good for anyway?

 photo Harlem-350_Dunbar_Apartments_zps657a7c59.jpg

What are we all so busy hiding from?

 photo Harlem-Intersection-by-Leonard-Freed_zps22ddb5ef.jpg

There were some fools and envious clowns who got their jealous jollies by referring to us as: “Those Proud-ass Swintons…”

Names and labels are invented for the sole purpose of reducing the core of our spirits. In the end, when we’re all dead and gone, will it really matter anymore what people said or thought, or what the hell they called us?

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