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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

imprisoned, age seven

imprisoned, age seven

it is frozen

inside a sepia photograph. & i

am forever

its imprisoned child.

the dark brown child

grimacing inside, when the white

photographer demanded

"smile..." this is what

"happy" looked like

at seven. after

my father

brushed & greased my

defiant, black hair

into some semblance of

a part. tied a noose around my neck... &

fashioned from my squirming,

crying, wildness this

upright afro-

american child.

& so...


slyly, then rebelliously, i

became "him"... this

little brown clown of

robotic assimilation.

posed, frozed in his

best sunday clothes, until

he did not look, or feel

or even smell like me.

"smile..." you little fool

this one's for




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