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Monday, February 13, 2012

If Only You Had a Vision And Someone Had Listened: For Michael And Whitney...

Sometimes, you don’t have to be a fortune teller, a psychic or even clairvoyant to see into the future.

Sometimes, if you just live long enough, you can see the destiny of others unfold before your eyes.

Sometimes, you’d rather not know any details of that destiny, because it isn’t always so pretty.

Sometimes, you come to know things, only GOD should know, like what will happen, to whom it will happen, and when

Sometimes, if you live long enough, you see the warmth of youthful smiles turn older, colder, as the glory days come, go, and slowly burn away from the heat of a million suns.

Sometimes, it hurts to see, to watch, to grieve, to experience Life’s twists and turns and such sadness manifest from an impotent distance…

If only you had a vision, and someone would have listened. If only you had a vision and someone would have listened. If only… if only you could have said:

I’ve seen this movie already. Trust me. It doesn’t have a happy ending.”

Who would have listened? Who would have believed it?


Michael: “Smile! The future’s so bright, we’ll BOTH have to wear Wayfarer shades, Whit!”

Damn. Just damn. I just caught a chill. Did you?