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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Apparently, According To Miz Write, I'ma "Beautiful Blogger"

Psssst... See that black and white emblem to the left? It's pretty fly, isn't it?

Miz Write, a most lovely Sista of The Pen who scribes a mean blog here, recently presented this page with the most prestigeous "Beautiful Blogger Award!"

(Applaud me! I'll wait. Applaud me, dammit!)

Seriously though, coming from a writer/blogger/spirit that I personally admire, this honor leaves me feeling both thrilled and humbled. Thank you so very much, my Sista-Friend.

In addition to the Award itself, each recipient was then asked to reveal why they write or blog, and basically what purpose it serves for us personally.

This, for me, is a heavy question with many multi-layered answers, but I'll spare you my elongated version for the sake of brevity and simply tell you this:

In an often intense and crazy world, I choose to write in an effort to remain sane. I write because my heart is a singer of many strange, beautiful, perverse, alarming and sensual tunes, thus, I sing out in the written form to clarify this rush, this cacophony of emotions. I write to process, to purge, and funnel out feelings. I write in an effort to solve the zen arguments being waged inside my head. I write, because it's better than being sent to prison for going off on someone, or several someones when I'm frustrated, pissed or angry. I write because my inner poet is much more expressive and far more civil than my all-too-human tongue. I write because it's the most socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.

Most of all, I write because I HAVE to... as it gives further proof of my earthly existence, and my beauteously flawed humanity. By doing so, in some way, I feel as if I've mattered.

That's it. And trust... that's not ALL... but that's certainly the gist of it.

Thanks again, Mz. Write!

One Love.