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Friday, February 12, 2010


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I fall so humbled before you
I am your vessel, your angel, and your fool.
You've made me moan and beg, and plead...
Made me your slave, your trade, your king!

Whispered your lyrics, and
Made me your poet
You've made me stand tall,
And strong, and stoic.

You filled my lungs with new oxygen...
Infused new dances inside my limbs
And then...

You've left me.


Took away your music
Rendered me, deficient
Pitiful, and useless.

You've made me lose my faith....
Lose sight of your bigger picture
Lose my way
And lose my swagger...

Yes, left me alone to cower,
To genuflect, to suffer
In shadows of your neglect...

You are fine as silk, and
Coarse as sandpaper
You are smoke and mirrors, and
Flesh turned to vapor...

You are spring and winter
Autumn and summer
And I revel and shimmer
In your utter incandescence.

You are the scar on my heart
And the balm of its healing...
The dark of starless nights...
And a brighter dawn revealing that...

You are always there...
You are always there...
Even as I lay
In bed, lonely and fetal
And sadly unaware...

You were always there,
Fair, and cruel
Relentless and uncool
And you throw your voice
Sometimes, like ventriloquists do.

You are the giver
And the taker, too
Thief and nurturer
Peaceful, then
The ultimate warmonger.
These are the many faces of you.

You are the seasons of the human heart.
A light, so radiant, on the flip side of dark
You are the cure for the lesions
In a tortured spirit...
Your dance is so beauteous
Yet so unpredictable
You cause some of us to fear it...

But me?
In the end, I revel!
Oh yes!
I revel
In your sheer and utter

* * * * * * * * * *

Happy Valentine's Day!

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copyright © 2010 by L.M. Ross