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Friday, October 23, 2009

Gravity's Child/ My People... Hold On!

My People... Hold On!

These are indeed trying times for so many people, and I have become one of those Trying Times People. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I’m not alone. Almost everyone I know has been going through something lately:

A very close friend of mine is fighting serious health issues and mounting medical bills. Please… pray for him.

Several friends have lost the security of having a job, a career, a steady income, and riding along piggyback with this American tragedy comes the loss of those much-needed benefits.

My People… Hold On!

A family member has become another victim of foreclosure, and now he and his wife and kids are facing eviction within the next few days.

My People... Hold On!

The current economy is kicking major ass, in a myriad of ways, and only the strongest of us are surviving with our heads above water and our Grace intact.

My People… Hold On!

Most everyone is crying those running outta money blues, and I too know the lyrics to that song, by heart.

Currently I am fighting for something that is legally and morally my own, and yet it is being kept from me. I recently joined a union. In my ongoing journey in lone-wolfdom, I’ve never been much of a union person, yet there are times and situations in our lives when there is far more power in numbers than there is in fighting that good fight all by one’s lonesome.

I’m told to ‘be patient’… and please believe that I’ve BEEN patient until I’m blue in the freakin face!

My People… Hold On!

For the life of us, and our utter survival, there are some things we can control, and other things, that no matter how hard we try… they are clearly out of our hands. Being a spiritual person, I pray, I fast, and I mediate, on the regular. I also think positive thoughts. I try to be a good person, a sharing person, a caring and giving person. I sincerely try to become an agent for good. This is no way means I’m a perfect person, nor do I strive to be. I just believe that, whether good or bad, the Karmic energy we put out into The Universe has a way of coming back to us.

I believe that snatching JOY is not only doable, but very necessary to survive mentally, emotionally and spiritually in this world. It’s far too easy to embrace the negative, to allow it to feed off us, and to become ugly within our souls. Every day and in every way I am desperately, so very desperately trying to beautify my soul.

And so, I wrote this lil poem to remind myself and others that the survivor has an upright spine, the phoenix can still lives inside of us.

My People… Hold On!

* * * *

Gravity’s Child

Please…pay no attention if
My spine declines.
It’s my core position
Just before I rise
Like a phoenix
Whose wings
You’ve burned
I’ll just glow even
Brighter from
The lessons I’ve learned.

And you can best believe
You’ll not see
Me go down
Down on my knees…

I’m not a beggar
For coins or
Spare change
And my emotions
Never caused me
To feel any
A selfish lover’s
Never satisfied
Until they’ve made
Something inside you

But you’ll not see
Me go down
Down on my knees…

Bet you thought
I would be down
For a while…
I thought you knew
By now that I am
Gravity’s child.

So, pay no attention if
My pockets are bare
My greatest blessing
Comes from what
I’ve shared...

So I’m much richer
Than you’ll ever be
No devil holds my soul
Or kidnaps my dignity

And you can best believe
You’ll not see
Me go down
Down on my

Pay no attention if
My spine declines…
It’s core my position
Just before I rise
Like a phoenix
Whose wings
Have been burned…
And just watch me glow
Brighter from
The lessons I’ve learned…

You may see me
Stumble and struggle
With Mother Gravity…
But you will not see
Me go down…
Down on my knees!